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Oyang's Outstanding Performance at Drupa 2024

Date:2024-06-11 09:42:20 click:313

At drupa 2024, Oyang demonstrated its industry leadership and excellence on the global stage with its innovative packaging and printing technologies. As a leader in the printing and packaging industry, Oyang not only showcased its latest technological achievements at this exhibition, but also established deep connections with global customers and partners.

As a supplier focused on providing high-quality packaging and printing solutions, Oyang has been selling its products to 170+ countries and serving more than 4,500+ customers worldwide with its unremitting pursuit of innovation and strict control of quality, and has received unanimous praise. In the past few years, Oyang has become the preferred and trusted partner of customers in the global packaging and printing industry.

At drupa 2024, Oyang's booth became the focus of every visitor. The company exhibited its latest innovative products and technologies - intelligent paper bag making machine with twisted handle , which can achieve bag change in 2 minutes and bag making in 10 minutes!

During the exhibition, Oyang received a large number of orders and positive feedback from customers around the world. Customers showed great interest in the new technologies and products exhibited by the company and look forward to future cooperation.
In the future, Oyang will continue to innovate, promote technological innovation, and meet the ever-changing market needs. The company plans to expand its global business network, establish long-term partnerships with more customers, and continue to lead the development of the industry.

Oyang's success at the Drupa 2024 exhibition is not only a recognition of its innovation capabilities and product quality, but also a display of its global influence. We look forward to working with global customers and partners to create a more brilliant future. 

In the end, we would also like to thank all colleagues who participated in the exhibition for their efforts and dedication to make this exhibition a complete success. Oyang looks forward to seeing you at the Russian Rosupack exhibition on June 18-21,2024!

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