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What is non-woven?

Non woven (non-woven fabric,non-woven cloth), a fabric that not need to be spun. Through spinning and weaving short fiber or filament yarn in directed or random array, become fiber net structure, then using mechanical, thermal or chemical methods to form the fabric. With dampproof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic non irritating, rich color, low cost, recyclable and so on.

Non woven fabric used for shopping bag usage general choose spunbond hot sealing technology, 100% PP(without filler) as the material made entirely new non woven fabric. As the substitute of paper bag and plastic bag, non woven bag have more higher promotion to been used ,even though the cost would be higher than plastic bag. Pay high attention to the social responsibility that package must undertake. Please reuse your bag and choose recyclable. State it from ourselves!

How to make non woven bag?

Two kinds of non-woven bag making methods:


2.Ultrasonic Sealing

Shoes bag want to do it

Shoes bag, also called round drawstring bag, shoes cover. Widely used in leather shoes packaging. Can made by Allwell Any Model Bag Making Machine. As the non woven fabric has the advantages of antibiotic, dampproof, breathable, it become the best choice of leather shoes package. Afterwards, this bag type was widely used in packing candy, fruit such as grapes, apples, bananas, etc. Using non woven material bag, it not only avoid the fruit caused by corruption, deterioration, but also avoid the lose from flyer and insects.

Flat bag want to do it

Flat Bag, aslo called D-cut bag, die cut bag, D punch bag, one of the most popular bag type on the market, the earliest appeared bag type as well. Can made by Allwell Any Model Bag Making Machine. Bag mouth folding size can been adjusted (Standard bag mouth folding size is 30mm). Bag bottom gusset can benn adjusted (Standard max gusset can reach 90mm). Any other request, can been customized.

T-shirt bag want to do it

T-shirt bag, also called Carry bag, U-cut bag, W-cut bag, one of the most popular bag type on the market. Similar to the plastic bag in our lives, usual for supermarket shopping perposes, famous like Walmarts shopping bag, etc. It can made by Allwell Any Model Bag Making Machine as shown below. Then using Auxiliary Machine - Hydraulic pressure punching machine to punch bag mouth by manual. Or using Auxiliary Machine - Automatic T-shirt Punching Machine abutting ends with bag making machine to punch bag mouth automatically.

Handle bag want to do it

Handle bag, a kind of bag type innovated on the basis of D-cut bag. It can made online by ONL-XB700-800 non woven box bag making machine or ONL-XC700-800 non woven bag making machine. In the past, worker choosing Spot Welding Machine to weld the handle on non woven bag point by point. After we use ONL-G soft handle sealing machine or ONL-F soft handle sealing machine. Realized online handle attach technology finally. The orgin which improve Allwell Machine get every revolutionary innovation on techonlogy is to bring more better UE and wealth for customers.

Box bag want to do it

Box bag, a kind of bag type innovated on the basis of Handle bag. Box bag with handle and double side gusset, can made by ONL-XB700-800 non woven box bag making machine, handle sealing online. Although the finished bag need turn inside out by manual, box bag have more beautiful and stronger three-dimensional effect than any previous bag type.

One time forming Box bag want to do it

One time forming Box Bag, is the lastest bag type on the market. Borned from Leader machine in September, 2013. Allwell machinery set project since 2009 keep exploring and testing. We successfully developed one time forming non woven box bag making machine. We called it Leader, with heavy hope and mission for non woven industry. Till now, Leader Machine still keep changing far beyond imagination, with more and more inteligent function. Handle online sealing, One time box forming, Automatic bag folding, Automatic bag handle inside folding, Automatic bag collecting. As new market and technology, we look forward to One time forming box bag combined with different present printing and processing.

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