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NEW WORLD B Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

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NEW WORLD B Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

NEW WORLD B Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine Product Application:

NEW WORLD-B series  it uses paper roll in blank or printed as raw material, consists of automatic centre forward glue, printing tracking, fixed length and cutting, bottom indentation, folding bottom, bottom glue. This machine really realized the full automation production, can effectively save the labor cost.

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Product Application

paper bag by side gluing, tube forming, tube cutting, the bottom indenting, the bottom gluing, bottom forming, and finishing bag collection.The whole machine adopts a Japanese YASKAVAelectronic control system, controlled by servo motor-produced paper bag products, high accuracy, strong stability, simple maintenance, production efficiency, is the most ideal equipment for printing plants and paper bag manufacturers.

Main Technical Variables

Model New world -B220 New world -B330 New world -B400 New world -B450 New world -B460 New world -B560
Paper bag length 191-430mm 280-510mm 280-600mm 280-600mm 320-770mm 320-770mm
Paper bag width 80-200mm 150-330mm 150-400mm 150-450mm 220-460mm 240-560mm
Paper bag bottom width 50-120mm 70-150mm 90-200mm 90-200mm 90-260mm 90-260mm
Paper thickness 45-150g/m2 60-150g/m2 70-150g/m2 70-150g/m2 70-150g/m2 80-150 g/m2
Max Machine Speed 280pcs/min 220pcs/min 200pcs/min 200pcs/min 150pcs/min 150pcs/min
Paper roll width 290-710mm 470-1050mm 510-1230mm 510-1230mm 650-1470mm 770-1670mm
Roll paper diameter 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm 1500mm
Machine power 3 Phase,9kw  3 Phase,11kw 3 Phase,15.5kw 3 Phase,15.5kw 3 Phase,25kw 3 Phase,27kw
Machine weight 5600kg 8000kg 8000kg 9000kg 12000kg 13000kg
Machine size 8600×2600×1900 mm 9500×2600×1900 mm 9500×2600×1900 mm 10700×2600×1900 mm 12000×4000×2000 mm 13000×2600×2000 mm

Bag Type - New World-B series can make

Full Machine Servo Motor Structure

Our new technology full servo control paper bag machine,it is equipped with lip cut servo,cutting knife servo,bag opening servo,bottom gluing 

servo,bottom closing servo,bag collection servo and main servo,more intelligent for customer running.


1.Reduce time when adjusting bag size.

2.More capacity for production.

3.Low requirements for engineers operation experience.

4.More intelligent.

 Ouyang brand paper bag making machine,high speed, low noise,energy-saving.

Main wallboard: The raw material is nodular cast iron, which made by pouring molten iron. More force and wear resistance, high strength, high toughness, stable running and machine life extended by up to 80 %.

Big hub: Integral casting , 5-axis machining, perfectly curved surface, finished in 10 hours continually work, minimize fitting errors.

Former support: The former support is to held the big hub,so it should be strong enough for high speed and long time running.

Developing fast and covering an area of 130,000㎡。



Mazak Horizontal Machining Center. The maximum capacity of the tool magazine is 330 tools, which can meet the requirements of workpiece diversification and unmanned production.


Mazak vertical machining center. Agile spindle acceleration and deceleration, high-speed axis feed, and efficient tool exchange effectively shorten the processing time.



Third, Mazak CNC lathe. Using the latest SMOOTH G system, it can be widely used in aerospace, instrumentation and other industries. High-efficiency machining requirements for small precision parts.

Mazak i-630v/6  ( 1SET)

Fourth, Mazak 5-axis simultaneous vertical machining center. The equipment is equipped with a swing spindle and a rotary table, which can perform 5-axis simultaneous machining of complex surfaces.

Okuma MCR-A5II25  (4SETS)

Fifth, OKUMA-MCR gantry type 5-sided machining center. Equipped with various extended processing systems to complete 5-sided, curved and other three-dimensional processing, the roughing and finishing of almost all processes can be completed in one clamping.

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