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New Arrivals! Pouch Making Machine

Date:2023-04-24 01:38:09 click:310

2023 New Arrivals !!
OUNUO launched Egiht Side Seal Pouch Machine, it makes high-speed, high-quality pouches, in various shapes, which can be used in a wide range of fields. Such as: food packing bags, pouches for commodities, pet food bags and medicine infusion bag etc. Welcome to consult us !!

Higher quality spare parts and intelligent control systems to improve efficiency, intelligent machines will also be a central theme of the OUNUO Machinery in 2023.

1. Quad seal pouch machine

2. Three seal pouch machine

3. Four seal pouch machine

Flexible packaging serve a wide variety of markets -- everything from snack foods, coffee + tea, and nutritional supplements to apparel, beauty products, and herbal medicines.

Being eco-friendly and sustainable can do more than just save the planet—it can also save money! 

  • Flexible packaging has many environmental advantages, including its ability to:
  • Reduce food waste due to resealability
  • Extend product shelf life
  • Provide consumer convenience
  • Require less energy and resources to produce
  • Reduce the amount of carbon emissions during transportation

Stand-Up Pouches:
Stand-up pouches are one of the best ways to grab your potential customers' attention immediately. We love stand-up pouches for many reasons: they're durable, reclosable, and  even liquid products can be packaged with our liquid-friendly pouch material!

Quad Seal Pouches:
Often used for ground or whole bean coffee.

Side Gusset Bag
Satisfy your product’s packaging needs with this beauty of a bag, most often used for coffee. The surface space on the side of the bag provides a perfect spot to display information about your product, or a fun design. 

Flat Bottom Bag
This bag, most frequently used for coffee, has a sturdy bottom and lots of surface area for your gorgeous design. 

2 & 3 Side Seal Pouches 
A 2 or 3 Side Seal Pouch can fulfill needs like a tea bag in your pocket or a handful of nuts on-the-go. Our liquid pouch material is suitable for liquid products as well as a variety of other applications - due to its strength and puncture resistance, it is great for larger format pouches.

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