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OYANG3 TOP-600STZ Multifunctional Stand-up Pouch Machine With Zipper

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OYANG3 TOP-600STZ Multifunctional Stand-up Pouch Machine With Zipper

OYANG3 TOP-600STZ Multifunctional Stand-up Pouch Machine With Zipper Product Application:

Three Side Seal, Inserted Bottom Gusset Stand-Up Pouch, Folded Bottom Gusset Stand-Up Pouch with Zipper

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Product Description 

1.The body wall panel adopts a snap on structure, which is stable and vibration free, fully meeting the strength requirements of high-speed machines.
2.The gantry frame can be reverse threaded, effectively reducing scratches.
3.Wireless remote control operation of the machine makes debugging more convenient and improves production efficiency.
4.Double feeding at the upper and lower ends, integrated swing rod tension.
5.Cutting knife advantage: patented product, gusset does not stick and no burrs.
6.Pouch making capacity depends on film material thickness and option

* It makes high-speed, high-quality pouches, in various shapes, which can be used in a wide range of fields. Such as: food packing bags, pouches for commodities, pet food bags and medicine infusion bag etc.

Product Parameter



Three Side Seal,Inserted Bottom Gusset
Stand-Up PouchFolded Bottom Gusset
Stand-Up Pouch with Zipper

Width of Bag

Max 300mm

Length of Bag

Max 580mm

Size of Body Film

Max Width 1220mmdiameter φ800mm

Machine Speed

Three Side Seal  
35~200 Cuts/min


Stand-Up Pouch(Folded)with Zipper
15~120 Cuts/min


Stand-Up Pouch(Inserted)
35~150 Cuts/min

Packaging soultion from medicine infusion bag to pet foods etc.

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