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Allwell mask making machine rush to the rescue

Date:2020-05-18 10:23:06 click:3097

Under the spread and threaten of the Corona Virus, Allwell as volunteer join the “War” of Anti-Virus on 2020-2-6.



With more than 13 years experience on nonwoven fabric making machine and nonwoven bag making industry, Allwell get into character within 3 days, get out of our first 3 layers disposable mask making machine.   


The project is great concerned by Government, officers including the City Mayor visit our factory for physical investigation and highly praised by offers.


Till today, Allwell have more than 500+ sets of mask machine in market, machines have been shipped to more than 20 countries, including Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Dubai, India, Bangladesh......etc.


And Allwell will continue update on technology of Mask Making Machines, it will be a new long term project of Allwell group, except nonwoven bag making machine and nonwoven fabric making machine.


Allwell will continue to take the social responsibility to join in the anti-virus and other public missions.